More Ramsey Residents Gave Money to Obama Campaign

But, Romney supporters from Ramsey donated more money to their candidate of choice

More Ramsey residents cast their vote for Mitt Romney in November’s presidential election, but more than double the number of people from Ramsey who donated money to the Romney campaign, donated to the Obama campaign.

According to an interactive map posted on NJSpotlight.com Friday, 185 Ramsey residents contributed to the Obama campaign from March 2011 through Nov. 2012. Only 89 donated funds to the Romney campaign during the same time period.

But, the amount donated by Romney supporters was much higher. Romney raised $42,657 from Ramsey contributors, whereas Obama only raised $18,014, the map reported.


No. of Ramsey votes

No. of Ramsey Contributors

Total Contributions from Ramsey ($)

Average dollar amount per contributor











Overall, New Jersey residents contributed $25.4M to the 2012 presidential campaign, NJ Spotlight reported, with $12.7 million going to Obama, and $11.4 million to Romney.

See a complete town-by-town breakdown of the state’s presidential election contributions here.

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