Support for Bridget Kelly Runs High in Ramsey Hometown

Friends of the fired 'Bridgegate' emailer, rallied around their neighbor Thursday after she was dismissed as Christie's deputy chief of staff.

Governor Chris Christie and former Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Anne Kelly tour a fire on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights, N.J. on Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013.  Photo by Tim Larson/Office of the Governor.
Governor Chris Christie and former Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Anne Kelly tour a fire on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights, N.J. on Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013. Photo by Tim Larson/Office of the Governor.
Gov. Chris Christie may have fired a top aide, Bridget Anne Kelly, on Thursday, but she still has a phalanx of supporters in her hometown of Ramsey.

Friends of Christie's former deputy chief of staff who headed Ramsey's Republican Party rallied around her, calling Kelly "a wonderful person" who didn't deserve the treatment she received the past few days.

"Bridget is wonderful. She's a great mother, a wonderful friend," said one supporter who didn't want her name to be used. "She's being scapegoated."

A Facebook supporter, Patty Swanton Synder, was also in Kelly's corner.

"Bridget is a woman of honor, decorum and integrity. I am appalled that she is being made a scapegoat of all this," she said. "I fully support her."

Kelly wrote emails to David Wildstein, a Port Authority director who resigned in December, encouraging lane closures approaching the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee. The resulting traffic clogs were apparently meant as a slap to Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich.

Kelly allegedly wrote Wildstein that it was "time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee," prior to three of four lanes from Fort Lee to the being shut down.

Christie apologized in a Thursday morning press conference and later met with the Fort Lee mayor, who accepted the governor's apology.

"I had no knowledge about this, the planning or execution of it," Christie said.

Kelly's Ramsey friends pulled together to protect their neighbor.

"She's a great person. We know her well. We're not going to talk about her," one friend said. "She knows we support her. This is all personal, between us and Bridget."

Another Ramsey resident said she resented articles about Kelly, because the publicity could adversely affect her four children.

On Ramsey Patch's Facebook page, other friends commented that articles on the day's events were "inappropriate."

Trish Manduley Hurley said that while she doesn't know Kelly personally, she saw articles on Kelly's firing as "trash[ing] a local resident when it is impossible to know exactly who knew what was being done and who told who to do it."

Kelly, a 41-year-old mother of four, was the former head of Ramsey's GOP and had worked as an aide to NJ Assemblyman David Russo.

From there, her efforts in Bergen County helped Christie win his gubernatorial election. She was rewarded with a position as the governor's director of legislative relations in 2010, and then promoted to director of intergovernmental and legislative affairs at a salary of $114,000, according to a report in the New York Times.
CJV January 14, 2014 at 07:53 AM
The editor can delete my comments as often as she likes, but I'll say again she is either a Republican ideologue or a troll for attention. There is no chance whatsoever "support runs high" for Kelly in Ramsey, or anywhere else.
Art Li January 14, 2014 at 12:14 PM
CIV, you are right.
Ridgewood Mom January 15, 2014 at 06:19 AM
Team! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHH9EYZHoVU
Maxx January 15, 2014 at 07:05 AM
Ms. Kelly broke the law--and now will pay the price. Her career is over. Perhaps a new one, training pit bulls, will suit her.
Hilary January 27, 2014 at 01:58 PM
She’s a total disgrace. How would she feel if her children were in an Ambulance on their to the hospital.


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